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Finishing Touches!

Well, this is it. I have given you guys a major fly over, but this is the end of the major 3 month renovation of our beloved Patches the Airstream! Fast, crazy fast... That's my thought that sums up this reno...

So here are some of the finishing touches, but this is definitely not the final product reveal. That will follow soon, heres the premature reveal just to wet your appetites!

The champagne brass cabinet pulls are in! Even these were tricky to install because the cup pulls had to go more in the upper middle of the drawers, which meant drilling into the back of the drawer to make an a space to screw the pulls in. But like all the other tricky parts, its well worth it!

Despite being almost done, we still had a couple of things to get done on the roof... And by we, I mean them. Maybe they didn't trust me on the roof... I was willing, but I do tend to be a little abrupt, and that probably doesn't mix well with rounded rooftops. Although I must say, I have excellent balance!

Anyway, the AC unit is in (Why on earth didn't we do that first?!) , and the new roof vents have been replaced. You would be surprised how much of a difference the new crisp vents made!

While they were busy doing that, and when I wasn't retrieving bandaids for them, I was putting seal after seal on the counter tops and the new collapsable desk!

This was an idea I had just a couple days ago... I taped everything off and when I was thinking about sitting in the desk chairs, facing the couch in casual conversation... All I could think of is awkward knee kissing. You know, when you're sitting across from someone and you're so close your knees are touching? Yeah, thats one way to never get return visitors. So this solved all knee kissing and opens up the space in a snap! #Nailedit

The barn door, also made from scratch, is sitting on a slider and is our bathroom divider. Such a great space saver and way more attractive than those accordion thingies.

There is the bathroom about 95% finished... The faucet, storage cabinet/water heater cover, and toilet are all there!

There's the inside of that AC unit on the ceiling, the shelves on the wall, and the backsplash! All finished this weekend!

Well that's all the sneak peaking you get for now. The decorated, finished product is coming very soon so keep your eyes peeled!

Thanks for coming along in our journey with Patches the Airstream! Its been a crazy fun race.

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