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New Floors and Tiny Showers...

First order of all things airstream is, my apologies. A few updates have been long overdue, I have the crashing of my Macbook to thank for this, but also the crazy crazy thing called "Life". This season of it is particularly difficult to keep up on. Anyway, here come the updates!

We have been plugging away, but not as much on the airstream as we would have liked. Many great events take place in June, which we love, and now we will be scurrying to get things wrapped up in time for August to roll around... So that we can, quite literally, roll out.

We finished the necessary fixes on the exterior and moved inside. I ran off to help get one of my dearest friends married, and left my dad and hubby to muscle through the interior kick off! While I was gone for that week, Jos got new tires on and the bearings repacked. And my dad and brother laid some rich vinyl floors down. Jos is now working hard on the framing of the bathroom so that plumbing can begin. Oh and just wait until you see our tiny shower...

I am so excited about the floors! They are dark and very rich. I originally wanted to go with a lighter grey toned floor, but after some research I decided two things... first I wanted vinyl, and second, I wanted waterproof vinyl. We decided to put the plumbing above the floors as to know exactly where the culprit is, should something go wrong, instead of risking it happening under our floors. Especially with how often we will move this home of ours. With just these two requirements, my options became wholly finite. But I was happy this was one of them and am doubly happy with how they turned out.


Next I was tasked with ordering a shower pan, since we are building up the walls... And because a pre-molded shower stall is significantly bigger than the trailer door... Well we have to build the shower in, basically.

We started out with a 30x30 inch shower... Small, right? Well not small enough! See that box around the wheel house? And not to mention the water heater that will share the same wall in the bathroom. These two fatties are taking up valuable bathroom square-footage... Which at that point seemed like a single square foot. Then I thought maybe we should go smaller on one side of the shower, so we agreed we could handle a shower size of 30x24 inches... But wouldn't you believe that is in fact a rare/ I'm still not sure they exist size for a shower pan? So then we settled on the cozy 24x27 inch shower.... The picture shows me standing inside the 30x30 option. This shower stall shopping experience has taught us that going tiny means downsizing everything! Pictures of the actual shower pan will come soon, as will the shower pan to my front door... Hopefully.b

Now the plans are drawn up, taped onto the floor, framing is going in, plumbing to follow, and this tin can is on its way to being a little home! Oh and guess what? We named this big ole thing... But I think I'll tell you next time... I'm a sucker for cliff hangers!

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