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Trouble With The Curve

Have any of you seen that Clint Eastwood movie about baseball and curve balls? Well the title of that movie has been the story of our lives these past few weeks. You would think as you look at our silver sided twinkie, that it would curve and then go straight down... No sir, it curves...All the way to the floor. This means everything you put inside is affected. The cabinets we were so excited to stick in the trailer, gotta cut the curve out the back... The bed frame, oh that gave my hubby some trouble, oh and then there is putting in floor boards... We had ourselves a good ole time adapting to the curve. And then laughing whenever we found ourselves surprised when we were having trouble with the said curve. Long story short, nothing is easy here... But it is all worth it.

Here is some progress of our beloved Patches!

Our first attempt at cutting out the curve... And don't forget about the wheel well that sticks into the back of the cabinet. But we are cool with it... It becomes a natural shelf in addition to being a space taker upper.

If you can spy it, this is a two for one photo! The sink plumbing is going in along with the shower drainage! Kitchen sink is done and we are loving how its coming along!

Swan White Paint

Have you ever tried to paint the inside of a tunnel? Well thats pretty much how I felt... Except this tunnel had a bunch of no paint zones called windows, switches, and ceiling vents. I'm pretty sure I invented some pretty cool yoga moves while bending all over to paint this thing.

First things first when you are painting vinyl walls. This goes for all vinyl and most paint jobs. Clean your walls very well! Especially if your vinyl is over 40 years old like dear Patches, here. And do some stretching, because you're basically going to repeat these moves at least two more times.

I started with "Gripper Paint", this stuff will paint tough surfaces and give you a good solid primer coat for your paint of choice. Since I chose Matte paint, I chose an Ultra Hide paint from Glidden so it would hide any places that I missed, or little bugs I may have primed over and are now R.I.P. (Resting In Paint, that is). I also liked the washability of this type of paint because I know that is a good quality to have when it comes to making the matte choice.

After making eternal touch ups, and with a few more I still think of right this minute, I am pretty much done with painting the curve!

Oh, one amazing thing I wanted to cover is that my super handy hubby, yet again, built our bed... Not just any bed, but a hydraulic front storage bed! All from scratch... Cause the local Walmart just doesn't carry it, and then there's the curve I may have referenced.

Did I mention that he was doing this while I was painting? Yes, you learn to work together very well when you are both doing very big but very different projects on the same time crunch, in the same space. Let's hear it for team work, haha!

Cabinets and tongue and groove walls coming up next!

Thanks for sharing in the "Trouble with the Curve"

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