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Ta da! She finally has a name. Well, in reality we kinda named her after the first week but, have officially put it in the books because we can't stop calling her that.

It all began when we bought her with many holes... Odd ball holes. If you recall, there was a big jagged hole where the awning tore the aluminum. There was that one that conveniently hid behind the door when it was open. Then of course all the random holes in the floor that we still scratch our heads at... We have decided they were insurance holes. Maybe the previous owner wasn't sure where to put the holes for plumbing, so he put three in the general area and called it good... Well a little bit of damage, some previous guesswork, and a bullet hole from the window through the side (did I forget to mention that?) all contributed to securing the name "Patches".

We are confident she will maintain her namesake as just two days ago we had cut a hole in the floor for one of the pipes just to find out that it will now... You guessed it... Need a patch! Jos just patched up the old refrigerator hookup compartment, and we still have a couple other areas to address. Like that oval hole in the ceiling, also from the old refrigerator, that we still don't know what to do with.

Now that you know the name of our aluminum loaf of bread on wheels, here are a few updates before I zip this one up.

In the last post you saw the framing begin. Well now it is in, after some adjusting from some rather curvy wood. And the shower foundation was put in, so now you can see more of what I was talking about when I referenced our "cozy shower". In reality, its just a "cozy" bathroom.

And now, we are in full swing working on the plumbing! After many (like 6) hours spent at the hardware store, and many (at least 4) trips back, we finally have a plumbing plan that is going in. Thanks to my Dad's ingenuity, he put the P-trap for the shower into the floor so that the shower could be lower. Basically so Jos could still stand in it... And fortunately, no tiny shower chair is required!

Oh, and the new water heater is in! Out with the old (Well, some of it... technically its all old) and in with the new!

Up next is painting, finishing plumbing, building the bed and long counter top that will run adjacent to the bathroom. Thanks for reading, more coming soon.. And more patches, too!

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