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Its Go Time!

Okay, so you want to see some serious progress in Patches? Well buckle up, because she is almost ready to cruise down the road... It may not seem like it here, but trust me, she is in the home stretch and we are in game mode!

Cabinets are in and painted, a custom twelve foot counter top with major storage points is installed, and my favorite part of the custom kitchen, the L shaped counter, is in!

Guys, milk paint is pretty much my new favorite thing. I didn't want to go through the pretreatment and sealing of cabinets, just to establish a lovely sheen on the cabinets that I knew I would be annoyed about... Especially with so many steps involved. So I found some milk paint in a soft gray color, and it was the best decision I could have made. It still shows some wood grain through it, its totally matte, and it dries super fast so two coats goes by in a snap! Cabinet painting, check! By far the easiest project involved in this reno.

Here is the long long counter in our trailer... (My little "Long Long Trailer" reference for those of you who have seen that Lucielle Ball classic). It stretches 12 feet and is 100% built from scratch by, you guessed it, my handy hubby! Psst... This is where a lot of Genuinely Ginger supplies are going to be stored, incase you were wondering.

Here it is... The simple aspect that really makes the space. The "L". By bringing out the bathroom wall an extra foot, we cut the trailer by width rather than by length. One thing I really don't like about most trailers is that it feels like a hallway. Well we are living in this thing, and I was not about to live in a hallway, even if it is only a little over 200 square feet. So how do you make an 8ft wide space feel like a room? You cut it width wise, not length. This counter moves your eyes across and back around to you so that the space feels more like a room and not a narrow galley. Lines in the room are key in making a space a room.

Did you see that lighting sneak in there? Well I snuck in a couple other additions, too! The roller shades are in above the windows, and we finally patched up that odd hole where the refrigerator vent was... Now there is more for me to paint, story of my life right now.

Last, and long awaited, is the shower. Its finally in, and it doesn't leak. I am so grateful for the creativity of my dad and hubby as they rolled with my decision to not spend $1200+ on a shower that goes over the wheel well and ultimately meant they had to build a shower from the pan up... And oh yes, there was trouble with the curve. But its looking mighty fine now, and a little cozy, as is the finished tongue and groove!

Finishing touches are coming soon, roll out date is August 12th!

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