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Jos & Jess Owinyo

Once upon a time, a redhead walked into the cafeteria of the Master's University and caught the eye of a tall dark and handsome guy across the room... Cheesy! But, that is truly how it all began. I was a transfer, he was student leadership and naturally helping with orientation. And of course we both sat down to have lunch at the same table. After I eventually said yes to a date, we hit it off and knew it was the one for the books! I was done there a year and half later and he hurried up and graduated early the following year so he could move up to the PNW! He proposed in Fall of 2015 and we got married and partied hardy with our loved ones on August 13th 2016... But the rest isn't quite history. We moved into our little apartment after honey mooning in Alaska and got to work on being busy in our church,

keeping up with the Genuinely Ginger business plans, and living life! But then, Jos got accepted into Med school! (Don't worry folks, it was all apart of the plan!) So summer of 2017, on our 1 year anniversary, we headed out to start the next adventure. But not before we renovated our 1976 Airstream to take on the road and be our home wherever we go! Oh yeah, and all the while continuing with "The Biz" of creating unique products with the goal of filling homes and business with designs that tell your stories. Fast forward three years, we finished school, drank lots of coffee and are settled back in the PNW in our home with new projects galore and a sweet son born in 2020.

Stay tuned for what's next!

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