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It may not be a building on a foundation with a rooftop, but its gonna be our home for the next two years... Once we renovate it, that is.

Once upon a time, we wanted a tiny house. And don't get me wrong, we still love those things! But, during the second year of PA school, we will be traveling (who knows where) every six weeks, year around. And well, we really didn't enjoy the thought of taking a 10,000lb + house over the mountain passes with us in the winter... So we ended up looking at something different. I really didn't like the idea of living year around in a travel trailer, for many reasons. But living in a classic American pastime that is totally our own, that I could do... Also because we won't freeze our tails off, and they are light!

So, last week we were all set to make a crazy overnight there and back trip to Montana to pick up an almost finished airstream project. But we were uneasy about it. And just two days before we going we came across this empty 1976 Airstream Sovereign. We are so grateful as we were looking at financing and how the details of the Montana one would work, and dreading the possibility that we would hate it and be all the way over there with nothing to show for it... When we found this empty one, just waiting to be made ours. We can so easily see the Lord's hand in bringing us to this point, in so many more ways than I can include in this update.

We scooted over to Eastern Washington to check it out and after some sweating, we bought this silver gal and had a very kind man tow her home for us the following morning. He backed her into the parking spot with the help of my Dad, and there she sits as we begin the process of making this tin can our home!

All the updates will be put up here in the Adventurewinyo, but I'll be posting more frequently on Instagram in my feed and story. Thanks for reading, we are honored to have you along for the ride!

Week 1 Fixes included:

-Attempt at the stairs but failure in getting the right bolt...

-Taking the nasty front awning off and pruning down the jagged tear it was involved in at some point during its history...

-Prying the old window shattered by a bullet out...

-Cleaning the window frame and inners, new weather stripping, and replacing, and re-riveting the new window in place. (After the riveter broke and Jos took it completely apart to fix it and then reassembled it...)

-Finally sealing that window up late into the night and crossing our fingers that it does its job for years to come.

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